Chipcard::CTAPI  - module for communication with chipcard terminals based on the low-level CTAPI drivers
Current version: 0.2
Download Chipcard-CTAPI-0.2.tar.gz

CTAPI is an industry standard for accessing chipcard terminals. CTAPI drivers are available for all popular card readers. Chipcard::CTAPI is a Perl module which allows direct access to both memory cards and processor cards (smartcards) based on the CTAPI library. Besides the CTAPI functions themselves, Chipcard::CTAPI provides a series of convenience methods for easy reading and writing of memory cards.

Using CTAPI often has advantages over using the other popular card terminal framework, PC/SC. Most noticable is that setting up the CTAPI drivers is an easy task even for less advanced end users and that it has no run-time overhead. PC/SC on the other hand requires more work to set up and results in a daemon process running all the time. Thus, using CTAPI is ideal when writing applications which can make use of chipcards but don't focus on the communication with the card terminal too much.

Chipcard::CTAPI is well documented and comes with a couple of demo applications.

Keywords: Perl, CTAPI, smartcard, chipcard, memory card
License: Free software, to be distributed and modified under the same terms as Perl itself.
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